How to Live a Life of Ease, Living in The Flow

 Have you ever been so immersed in a task that before you realise it time as passed you by, you simply felt at ease allowing the world to carry on around you? Whilst I understand this can be a state that many have never reached, it is however, a state that we should all thrive to achieve, it brings with it connotations such as happiness and help us to live in a joyous place. 

If you want to achieve more, by doing less, increase productivity whilst releasing stress then this is the place to be.  This does not mean becoming sedentary or floating around in the clouds with angel wings playing herps being totally oblivious to our earthly experience.
It does mean
however, feeling connected to the universe, or our higher self, allowing us to feel guidance.  By achieving this state, it allows our mind to settle, slowing down to a pace that we can hear and act on our intuitive vibes.  

I remember many years ago I was completely stressed out and thought I had the world on my shoulders, continuously looking at the darker side of life. Ultimately, I couldn’t cope with the amount of pressure I put myself under, my to-do lists were horrendous.
I don’t know how I ever really thought I would get everything done, not to mention my head running one hundred mile
s an hour on negative vibes. It didn’t serve me in any way only to make me feel low and disconnected, a life of merely existing is not my idea of fun or happiness.
It took me a long time to understand that by taking a step back and releasing the pushing energy, and the belief that I ‘needed’ to do more than physically, emotionally and mentally I was capable of, I would be much calmer and better able to cope.

Now living in the flow for me has been a dream, its reduced not only stress but the pressure of pushing too hard in directions I didn’t need to go.  I now do my very best to live for today.
Living presently keeps my head firmly out of the past and enables me to focus on what is important in the ‘here and now’, because ultimately that is all that matters.  I notice more synchronicity in my life, meeting the right people at the right time and feeling the support from the universe gently guiding me on the journey that is appropriate for me.
Now that’s bliss, who wouldn’t want that?

Living in a state of flow, helps you: 

  • Discover your creative side 
  • Take your thoughts away from others and the world around you 
  • Experience happiness and contentment 
  • Feel in control, instead of life controlling you! 
  • Focus, increasing productivity 
  • Feel calm and at peace 
  • Appreciate what you already have 
  • Live a healthier life 

How to live in a state of flow: 

What do you love to do? 

  • Very often we forget or don’t have the time to do the things that we really enjoy, I call this play time.  For me its being amongst flowers or painting, I love my creative juices to flow, it helps me to feel aligned with whom I am at soul level.
    What do you enjoy doing?
    Start to allocate some time to achieve your “play time”, just because you’re not a child doesn’t mean you should neglect yourself. You still have needs and wants, and it’s a superb way of living in the present moment. 

How do you feel at work & home? 

  • This may be the place you spend an awful lot of your time, so its vitally important you enjoy it, if not, why not?
    What can you change about it to help you to feel
    more comfortable and at ease with the situation, ie., if you are an office worker what can you do to make it more pleasurable, maybe its your desk or the room? The same applies to your home environment, take notice of what you want to change, it doesn’t have to be costly just some simple changes can help tremendously.  One of my favourite things with my kitchen is to have living herbs and flowers. It makes my kitchen come alive, simple yet effective!

Get real with to-do lists 

  • You can only do so much in one day.
    Start and be more realistic with your tasks. Lets look at this realistically, if you have 20 t
    asks to do on your to-do list and you only achieve 5, you’ll end your day feeling that you haven’t achieved what you set out to do which will leave you feeling unsatisfied.
    let’s say you take out the top 3 urgent tasks that ‘must’ be completed and you accomplish them, voila! You feel amazing!!!  The next day pick out again the top 3 urgent, you’ve got it! 

Act on your hunches  

  • This is where some people go dreadfully wrong, they live in the flow all sweetness and like and get nothing done.
    When all the time you are being given signs to guide the way, they are usually gentle and subtle, maybe just a thought that popped into your mind of a person you need to contact, or that telephone call you never made, or maybe a trip to the supermarket. Whatever it is, take action if you feel it’s something that you really should do.  Procrastination is a killer it really dampens our spirit, go with it and most of all enjoy
    living at your pace!!!!! 

Enjoy the process 

Above everything life is for enjoying, we all experience hard times and heart ache, finding the world a difficult place live.
Always remember though – “its not what we get thrown at us, its how we deal with it”. You have a choice, you can make your life challenging and hard work or adopt an altered attitude and go with it, enjoying a state of flow. You’ll still feel emotion, that’s human, however you’ll manage your state far better.  I know which I prefer.

Helping you to live a beautiful life! 


Rosalind  xx 

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