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Anxiety Relief

Release yourself from Anxiety. Is anxiety preventing you from doing even the smallest of things?


Slimmer Within Weight Loss

A unique approach to weight loss where nothing is impossible. Are you tired of not finding something that works for you?


Intuitive Readings

Do you feel you could do with clarity and guidance to help you move forward? Find out why an intuitive Reading will give you what you need.


Intuitive Mind, Body & Soul Coach & Weight Loss Guide

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Helping you find you! Testimonials from some of my clients…

Dealing with the grief of my dad, alongside a challenging university course, left me with intense anxiety and low self-esteem.

I turned to Rosalind in desperation, as I felt paralysed by my negative thoughts and was terrified of not reaching my full potential.

During my 4 session anxiety relief programme, Rosalind helped me to identify past traumas and negative ancestral traits. She enabled me to heal in ways I did not think possible and has taught me valuable ways to deal with my anxious thoughts.

I’m so grateful to have found her when I did, the perfect catalyst for a lighter and brighter mind and life! She is a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul.

R. Sooriah – UK

Before meeting Rosalind, I was that girl who believed she would always be unhappy in the body she was in. I had tried every diet under the sun and exhausted multiple personal training regimes with very little results. This always leads with me giving up with myself and falling down a vicious rabbit hole.

6 weeks into my program with Ros I am in a completely different head space. I have lost just over a stone and she has helped me realise that this is just the beginning. I have a much more healthy relationship with food and I feel great. Rosalind is the first person I’ve felt who has just really clicked with me emotionally and physically.

She really is an amazing genuine person who wants you to achieve your goal just as much as you do. I am just so grateful to have found her.

Chloe – UK

A reading with Roz….. it’s not a ‘your grandma says hi’ it’s more than that.  It’s healing, therapeutic, sincere, deep and mindful.  You will have questions answered that you didn’t know you needed answering, but realise after that it’s what you needed to hear.  Oh yes, grandma did say hi too!

Emma Parkes

Are you Ready to Live The Life You’re Truly Meant To?

Discover how finding you can transform your life beyond measure, how it truly can be an incredibly exciting journey, allowing you to enjoy freedom and complete happiness!!

Are you continually fighting to find you?

Do you find yourself struggling to be truly happy?

Do you know in your heart that there’s more to life but can’t seem to access it?

Just imagine living in the present moment, having balance and order in your life, enjoying meaningful relationships, genuinely feeling happy with you and your life, wanting to spring out of bed in the morning to greet yet another glorious day.  The very thought of making memories and feeling the freedom to be yourself!!!!! What would it mean to you to be healthier and have more energy?

It all starts with a decision to want to change, is it time you invested in YOU and started to live a life from soul?

Guiding YOUR whole wellbeing and emotional healing, using unique healing modalities.

Wellbeing Coach & Spiritual Healer for over 18 years

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