It’s that time of year, food is everywhere, temptation’s high, it takes everything in your power to resist, just willpower isn’t enough, just one bite of something sweet, savoury or stodgy and that’s it, disaster strikes, you’re on that downward spiral of guilt, before you know it down goes the pastries, cakes, chocolates and whatever else can be shovelled in. When the guilt kicks in, it’s game over!!!!

Christmas is a magical time of year, everybody’s in good spirit, family, friends, work colleagues all start to gather to embrace the festive fun, however it can be difficult when you’re trying to control your eating.

To help you have a guilt free Christmas I have listed below 5 Key Tips to keep you focused so you can enjoy gatherings and remain guilt free.

Follow these 5 tips below and enjoy!!

1) Always eat breakfast

Always make sure you eat a healthy breakfast, it’s important that you get the day off to a good start. Your body needs fuel to keep your metabolism going.  Go for something like porridge and add some berries.

2) Eat regularly

If you want to be guilt free then I suggest eating healthily throughout the rest of the day.  Never turn up to the buffet/meal starving or hungry, this can be a complete disaster instead have a bowl of fruit with a dollop of yogurt, or my personal favourite is a sliced banana with a spoon of yogurt and a sprinkle of oats on the top, simply delicious, completely satisfying and tastes like a dessert too.  By doing this it will help keep those hunger pangs at bay without the need for diving into the buffet and devouring it right from the minute go.

3) Be mindful

I know how tempting it can be to go straight for the pastries and cakes, however, have a good steady look at what is available, always head straight for the salad first, that way you can load up guilt free, then you can steadily sample other foods available without overloading your plate.

4) Move away from the table

It’s easily done you strike a conversation up with somebody at the buffet table and before you know it you’ve managed to polish off the bowl of crisps and the sausage rolls!! My advice ‘MOVE AWAY FROM THE TABLE’ seriously it can be so damaging not only to your waist line but also to the guilt that kicks in and you end up eating even more.

5) Keep hydrated

Always, always remain hydrated, I know we hear it all the time about drinking 6 glasses of water a day, it’s so true you need to keep yourself hydrated.  Throughout the evening if your drinking alcohol just swap one or two drinks for water, you’ll feel so much better for it.  Before you go to bed that evening have a full glass.  Do not fall into the trap of overindulging the next day due to a hangover, just eat as normal and keep hydrated.

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