You need to chill out… seriously if you want to lose belly fat you’ve got to start and relax more, I’m giving you permission right now!!

Have you ever experienced those moments that you could just scream the place down and wish that the world would stop so you could just get off?  I’ve had those moments and they’ve driven me freakin nuts!!! What’s even worse is that being stressed can also contribute to weight gain especially around your belly, the stress hormone cortisol can increase your appetite encouraging you to eat more, especially your ‘go to’ comfort food.  It’s a crazy mind field.


Principle One:  Learn to Say ‘No’

It can be challenging to say ‘no’ to someone who asks for our help, next time ask yourself “can I really fit this into my busy schedule with ease?” If the answer is ‘NO’ then don’t do it.  (I’m not talking about life or death situations here, this is generally).  You must take ownership of your time or you’ll never be truly organised and that’s going to stress you further.

Principle Two:  Stop Being a Perfectionist

You cannot be at the top of your game 100% of the time, if you think you can then I suggest you take a good look at the stress this creates.  It is an unreasonable request to make of yourself and only ever sets you up for failure. There is a distinct and crucial difference between being hard working and being a perfectionist.

Principle Three: Be Positive

It is important to remain positive even in the face of adversity, this can welcome all kinds of wonderful things, people and opportunities into your life.  Put worries out of your mind, and try to stay positive about what it is that you already have and what it is that you want to achieve.  Life rewards those who are grateful, and those whose glass is always half full are never feeling thirsty!

Principle Four: Live in The Present Moment

This may sound obvious, but it’s amazing how much time many of us waste either reflecting on bad decisions in the past or fretting over potential problems in the future.  What you need to remember is that the past is far behind you and will only affect you if you let it.  Similarly, don’t let yourself get to caught up in the future it hasn’t arrived yet.

Principle Five: Switch off From Work

It’ important that when you go home from work at the end of the day, you actually stop working. Many of us fail to ‘switch off’ at the end of the working day or once our daily tasks have been done.  Because of this our minds continue to stress over the events of the day even though we can do nothing about it – it’s like we’re still at work, all of the time, regardless of where our physical body is.


To understand and manage stress effectively I have an ebook for you to download called HOW TO MANAGE YOUR STRESS  – Grab a copy now and enjoy the profound change’s it will bring…