We’ve all been there before – you want to eat healthy and you know that you really should; but it seems an impossible task because it’s so expensive to buy wholesome products in quantities that can feed the whole family.

Well, I have good news for you today – there are many easy and practical ways to shop and eat healthily on a budget.

Here are some of them:

1). Let’s start from what you have already!

Go through your cupboards to check the ingredients you already have in there – and you might just be surprised how many of them are healthy products.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that they must do a total overhaul and start completely from fresh; but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, all it takes to start is finding the right ingredients to add to a healthy meal.

Of course, you don’t want to include unhealthy foods but those ingredients that will compliment healthy meals are certainly worth using. Go ahead and use them!

2). Plan your meals

What’s the secret to healthy eating and wise shopping? Planning!

Planning your meals ahead should only take you a short time; but believe me it is the backbone to eating healthy and shopping wisely. I’ve been doing this for years and I find it’s the single most useful thing to do.

Remember the saying “Failing to plan is planning to fail?” It’s so true; planning your meals will help keep you absolutely on track with your shopping and eating.

Be sure to include some of those ingredients you already found in your cupboards; and factor them into simple yet satisfying healthy meals.

3). Always have a shopping list (and stick to it!)

If I have a shopping list, I know I’m going to stick to it, and this gives me discipline. It also stops me from drifting down the aisles; cos I know exactly what I’m looking for.

By sticking to my shopping list, I save myself lots of time and money. And more importantly, I get a sense and feeling of being in control. This is crucial when you’re shopping on a budget or trying to eat healthy without breaking the bank.

4). Enjoy your leftovers

Yes, you certainly can.

I have so much fun with leftovers, I very rarely waste anything.

Let’s say I do a curry one evening and have leftovers: my husband or I could have it the next day for lunch, or I might portion it in a plastic container and freeze it. For me this is bliss cos it means I get to have a night where I don’t have to cook, yay!

As a matter of fact, you could purposely cook more and do this anyway.

If I have vegetables left over, I would do a dish for the next night that I can incorporate them even if it’s something like bubble and squeak, an egg and a couple of sausages and hey presto!!

5). Buy frozen

I often buy frozen fruit, first because my husband likes frozen fruit but shh…it’s also cheaper when you use a lot of it! Again, it’s great in smoothies and will last longer for you.

6). Stop being a supermarket snob

Ok, I get you like top name brands, and I’m not going to argue your tastes. What I will say though is why not give supermarkets & home brands a go? They have improved over time and offer high-quality products at a fraction of the price you’d get them at the better-known brands. As a matter of fact, the nutritional value you get there can sometimes be better.  Go ahead and give them a try – you have nothing to lose.

7). Freeze in portions

Boy, has this saved me from wasting so much food in the past!

If you buy a pack of chicken filets that contain 4, decide when you’ll be eating them and how many of you in the family will be having them in one sitting. For example: if it’s just you alone, you can freeze them in single portions and whenever you fancy one, just take it out!

I also freeze bread because we don’t use it very much. It’s still great to just pop in the toaster when you want it.

8). Eat more fresh vegetables

Check the pricing with all vegetables. Vegetables are usually cheaper when they are fresh and loose. If you go for already-prepared vegetables, the price will certainly be higher.

So, stick to the normal everyday fresh veggies or frozen varieties.

9). Shop online

By shopping online, you can completely avoid going down the aisles of a shop.

This is such a great option because it helps you create discipline rather than straying from your shopping list when you see lots of exciting stuff in-store.

Besides, it’s an excellent way to save time and energy – as you get to shop from the comfort of your own home.

10). Look out for healthy offers

When you get used to what you’re cooking, and you know what you like; you may start to notice certain offers that become available.

I love soya yogurt and regularly I notice the price is reduced; so, I use that opportunity to buy a couple more! I always make sure that it has a longer sell-by date otherwise I’m defeating the object.

11). Cook your meals from scratch

Who doesn’t like a takeaway? However, it comes with its drawbacks. You don’t need me to tell you how costly they are as well as what it does to your waistline.

So, please cut back as much as possible on takeaways. If you have interesting recipes, then why not cook one of them instead? It will be far healthier and much cheaper.

Helping you to live a healthy life one step at a time!!




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