What is Reiki?

Reiki is a “hands-on” energy healing system. Which is an effective system for stress-release. Helping you to feel calm and at peace, enabling you to have more clarity and feeling that you are better able to cope.

Reiki is a powerful tool for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing whilst greatly enhancing personal growth.

As well as being extremely relaxing Reiki can help with conditions such as anxiety, depression, chronic pain, cancer, infertility and so much more.

Although gentle, Reiki is an effective healing method that works deeper within the individual.  It can be used to remove blocks, imbalances and emotional issues from the root of the problem.

Reiki is not just for when you are ill, it helps you live your life at your own highest level, restoring control and balance.

Reiki is universal and is not connected to any religion or belief system.

Reiki Treatment

What can I expect in a Reiki session?

A Reiki session is carried out with you being sat on a chair, or laid on a treatment bed fully clothed.

This is a non-intrusive treatment, with your practitioner applying a feather-light touch, or hovering just above your body.

How can I expect to feel?

We can all get ‘lost’, and have all had moments when we ‘can’t see the woods for the trees’, Reiki gently clears the way for you to experience life in full colour.  Feeling more in control emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

It is common to feel ‘heat’ from the practitioner’s hands.  You feel extremely relaxed and peaceful, experiencing an altered sense of awareness just like being in a meditative state.  Some people fall asleep.


I am based in Laughterton near Lincoln and have a comfortable and relaxing treatment area, where you can relax and enjoy your session.



I can’t thank Rosalind enough, I truly believe I was in the first stages of depression and did not know who to turn to. With 3 sessions including Reiki I feel so much better and positive, what an inspirational woman! I highly recommend this service, amazing.

Jennie Simmonds – 17th April 2018

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