What I have found, is that most people want answers to the following questions

How can I stop feeling anxious and constantly worrying?
How do I overcome this fear?
How can I break through this block?
How can I heal my illness?
What do I need to do to feel aligned and happy again?
How can I overcome this anger or resentment?

By working together very quickly you can receive the answers. Identify the root cause, healing any emotion and fears which breaks down all blocks and/or barriers enabling you to positively move forward to a happy and joyous place.

If you’re ready to move from pain to freedom, I would love to be of assistance and help you start living the life you truly deserve.

I would love to hear from you, why not drop me an email at rosalind@rosalind-smith.com or call me on 01522 718478 for a friendly chat.

All healing sessions are done with you in mind, they can be in person, Skype or telephone.

Much Love

Rosalind Smith

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You’ve done it again!!! For 15 years I was absolutely terrified of flying. The thought of getting on a plane made my legs shake, I was dizzy, had countless sleepless nights and on top of this I constantly felt sick!! You name it, I had it! This all prevented me from booking holidays abroad, I couldn’t even think about it.

Within just 1 session with Roz using her intuitive healing and mind coaching skills, she got to the root cause of the problem. I immediately felt relieved and calmer, I knew that getting on a plane wasn’t an issue anymore. Having successfully flown and feel great, I now know I should have done it years ago.

I didn’t realise it was possible to let it go or that it was going to be so easy – I certainly wouldn’t have waited so long. ‘The world is now my oyster’ so much so I have booked my next holiday. I would definitely recommend going to see Rosalind. She’s worked wonders for me; don’t suffer like I did.
Julie Green

I can’t thank Rosalind enough, I truly believe I was in the first stages of depression and did not know who to turn to. With 3 sessions including Reiki I feel so much better and positive, what an inspirational woman! I highly recommend this service, amazing.
Jennie Simmonds – 17th April 2018

After being stuck in a rut for some time & unable to move forward I realised I had to try a different approach so after a few sessions with Ros and her unique approach, she quickly identified what the problem was and got rid of it I didn’t even realise there was a problem but Ros found them moved them and I now feel on top of the world so many thanks Ros and keep up the good work xx
Jill Chapman – 14th February 2018

My headaches have finally gone!!!! I suffered severe headaches for 10 years believing that I was going to have to put up with them for the rest of my life as everything I tried just didn’t work, I sought medical help and even they couldn’t do anything for me, they were at a complete loss. When Rosalind was mentioned to me I have to admit I came close to dismissing her work because I didn’t really understand how she could help, until I thought it’s my final attempt at doing something and I’m so glad I did, within only 3 sessions she guided me to the cause of the headaches with eft tapping and healing and now finally I’m headache free!!
Laura Haugill

Rosalind is like the A team if you have a problem and nobody else can help she is the one to talk to. I am still blown away by the help she has given me with things I have struggled with for years and didn’t even know I was struggling with! you don’t even need to understand anything, all you have to do is trust her and believe. Thanks

I went to see Roz recently for a severe needle phobia that had me avoiding necessary medical treatment. It had gone on 20 years and I realised that it needed to be sorted out. I saw Roz and we had two sessions in two days, and a couple of days later I had bloods taken with no drama! I’m even now booked in for my flu jab.. thank you Roz! X
Frances Ford