If you want to drop those unwanted pounds then you must give up the ‘low fat’ so called ‘diet’ foods for good.  I fell into this cycle many years ago, I would go shopping, and see a label that said ‘Fat free’ or ‘only 99’ kcals, and naively thought it would help me with weight loss, how wrong was I?  It only kept me fat! The main culprits are products labelled; Low Fat, Fat Free, Only 99 Kcals, 0% Fat.   Below are the reasons why:

1.  Sugar Content Is High

It is of no surprise sugar is getting a lot of attention in the media at the moment, and so it should be!!  I guess you’re wondering what sugar has to do with ‘Fat Free’, ‘Low Fat’, Only 99 Kcal’ products?  If the fat has been taken out of the product the food manufactures know that to keep the taste they need to replace it with something else, sugar!!  Unfortunately, this encourages your body to crave even more as well as sending your metabolism into a frenzy.  In a nutshell, if you eat let’s say, a ‘low fat’ cereal bar, it will contain very little, if any nutritional value also the amount of sugar that is consumed within just 1 bar is more than the recommended daily amount.  Most products which contain artificial sweeteners, these are manmade, it’s in the name ‘artificial’, your body will not recognise them.

2. The Product Is Processed

Simply put if the product comes in packaging and is labelled as one of the above: ‘Fat Free’ etc. then it is processed.  They do not contain any nutritional value at all, a good rule to stick to is “if you do not recognize the ingredients on the packet then your body won’t recognise them either.”  Always be mindful that if you want something truly low fat, and good for you then there are plenty of foods out there without any added ingredients and will be left in its natural state i.e., fruit and vegetables.

3.  Your Body Needs Fat (the good kind) To Function

Do not avoid fat in your daily diet, your body need’s good fat for your body to function properly.  I know many people are feared by the calorie content, but seriously your body needs them, everything in moderation, and more about eating the right foods at the right time for you. Make sure that you ditch the bad fats, unsaturated and eat more of the good fats i.e. monounsaturated and polyunsaturated, these include unsalted nuts, seeds, avocado etc.

One hundred years ago around 80% of foods on our supermarkets shelves, didn’t exist.  Eat foods in their natural state, this is always best.

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