Do you ever feel ashamed or embarrassed about your eating habits? I’ll confess embarrassment for me has been an understatement!!  You know those moments when you do your best not to have that slice of cake or chocolate then willpower gives in and you end up gorging on the very thing you were trying so hard to avoid.

I’ve been there, up until recently I have battled with chocolates in front of me, every time my husband and I went out for a meal he would order a coffee which mostly came with a chocolate, I knew he wouldn’t touch it so guess what? I ate it! Now this might not sound like a big deal especially after getting to the slimmest I have ever been but to me deep down I hated it, it even started to get much worse where I was looking forward to him ordering another coffee just so I could eat the chocolate, I knew if I didn’t sort this it would spiral out of control.

This next step saved me, because I understand about comfort eating I decided to ask myself some questions around my actions and I was astounded at what was going on in my head, I began to realise that I was rebelling, what!!!! I couldn’t understand why until I delved a little deeper and found that I was rebelling against my husband, it’s laughable now, however it came apparent that I was just proving that “I could eat what I wanted, if I wanted to” even though I was disappointed with myself and hated the thought of it, I was then behaving like a child.  I’ll confess this has been dealt with and now I can leave the chocolate knowing that now I have nothing to rebel against.


Here’s 5 questions you can ask yourself to find out what your relationship with food is all about.

Please make sure you’re somewhere quiet and that you’ll be undisturbed for approximately 10 mins.

Questions to ask yourself:

1)     Who am I really?

You are so much more than a mother, wife, husband, carer etc., this will define what you’re about.


2)     What am I actually afraid of?

This could include things like failure, rejection, feeling unloved or uncared for.


3)     What is my obsession with food really all about?


4)     What am I avoiding whilst I’m focussing on food?


5)     Are the stories and beliefs I hold about myself really true?

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