You have the power to achieve anything your heart desires,
step into it and rise!

Hi, I’m

I am a bespoke personal development coach, natural weight loss expert and author on a mission to help you live an outrageously happier, healthier and fulfilling life, supporting you to be the best version of you possible.

Rosalind Smith

What is a bespoke development coach?

Bespoke meaning tailored to fit you. You are unique with your own individual talents, personality and experiences. I, therefore do not offer a generic, one-size fits all programme. I need to get to know YOU. I can then use my training, experience and intuition, I could not have achieved continued success without the latter, to create your programme. By working together on this programme we can bring about your transformation.

Happiness can become your middle name

Imagine just for a moment feeling happier, being more productive and enjoying meaningful relationships, all of this is waiting for you!!

So how does it work?

By helping you become master of your own destiny. Just as we are mainly responsible for who we are today, so we will be responsible for who we become tomorrow. We are what we think. I will help you tap into the unlimited power of your sub-conscious mind, helping you achieve self belief and faith in your ability to draw upon the power that resides within you. That resides within us all. Nobody should be a puppet that life, fate and circumstances conspire to pull their strings. Together we can put you back in charge. People in control become more vibrant, live life to the brim, generate boundless energy and exude confidence, courage and determination.


The first step is always the hardest. You have to overcome inertia. If you try and push a car the hardest part is to start it moving. After that it becomes easier and easier. Take that first step and start the momentum that will continue all the way to your goal. If you desire something strong enough and are ready to work with me hard enough, you cannot be beaten.

Start today!

Looking forward to getting to know you


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